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8267D Signal Generator API missing content for header file setup

Question asked by jgood12006 on Aug 1, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2012 by tabbott
I have an brand new 8267D Signal Generator that I'm trying to integrate with my overall software on a tst bench. I want to download and run my particular waveform via a socket connection. To help instruct myself on all of the likely SCPI commands I'll need, I've used Wireshark to trap the SCPI commands sent over from a similarly tasked copy of Agilent Signal Studio. I've noticed there are several commands (dealing with the Header content) present on the network that do not appear in the 8267D reference manual . In particular the :RAD:ARB:HEAD:WRIT , :MMEM:HEAD:PRIV  and :RAD:ARB:HCR (note - I do see a command that might be related ([:SOURce]:DM:EXTernal:HCRest[STATe] ON|OFF|1|0)) but I'm not sure.)

Where are these commands documented. The only evidencee I could find of the :RAD:ARB:HEAD:WRIT command was in the programmers guide in a programming example. 

FYI :  :DIAG:INFO:REVision?.  C.06.16, Jan 09 2012 15:00:00, 5.07, Feb3 2004 14:12:16.