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paralleling unlike power supplies to develop precision ammeter

Question asked by paulf on Apr 27, 2012
We typically do not recommend paralleling unlike PS, but for developement of precision ammeter this is adequate with some additional precautions. Since the both PS will be operating in “CCmode”, therefore we are considering this use model. The use of the lower current PS is for having capability of having a higher programming resolution. 
My results from my experiments that I performed with 6684A and 6611C look promesing. I had to install a schottky diode to protect 6611C incase 6611C OVP trips, this is to protect 6611C SCR circuitry from getting damaged. Please see my drawing for further detail. 

Follow these recommendation.
•     Customer should use 6611C local mode of operation, do not use remote sense
•     Set OVP on 6611C to 20% above 6680A-J04 voltage setting
•     Monitor status on both PS to certain that both PS are operating in “CC mode”
•     Use external protection “Schottky” to protect 6611C