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Using a BFA with an integrating sphere

Question asked by vince001 on Jan 17, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2013 by mkelly
I'm using the integrating sphere 81002FF for high power measurement on high NA optical fiber, for testing multimode combiner.

I use the integrating sphere with an Agilent BFA 81000BA for 105/125 NA=0.15 and 105/125 NA=0.22 fibers. 

I also use a modify BFA 81000BA for 220/242 NA=0.22 and other large fibers (diameter > 125 um). The modification consists of making the grooves of the BFA bigger to accept larger diameter fiber.

I have another modify BFA for DCF (double clad fiber) 20/400 NA=0.06/0.46 fiber.

1- What is the optimal length of fiber (cleaved) that needs to go out of the BFA 81000BA when using it with the integrating sphere? 

2 - Does it depend on the NA of the fiber?

3 - What are Agilent recommendations when using an integrating sphere to measure power on large fiber (diameter > 125 um)?

I read the PDF file giving in this discussion, but I didn't find this information (variation of power vs the position of a bare fiber along the z axis). I notice some power variation when I change this length, especially on the larger NA fiber, and those power variations are increasing my measurement error.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.