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AW: vrf Parallel Poll with VEE

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 8, 2001
Hello Michael,
thank you for this answer.
You confirmed what I expected.
I must use parallel poll for getting information out of an Orbit antenna
positioner. Unfortunately the word the positioner issues is not even IEEE
488.1 compliant.
First I have to check the answer to the PPoll. In one case it is an angle
increment of the positioner and I have to trigger the receiver, in the other
case it is a service request. So I can not handle this only with an SRQ.
The only way I can think of is to call the SICL-function for PPOll from a
C-Library I have to write for this very purpose. But I don't know If I
conflict with the vee-initiated bus activity.


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Betreff: vrf Parallel Poll with VEE

Hello Harmut,
             I've just joined this user group but I've been using VEE for
some years and HP-IB for longer...  I'm not sure if I'm supposed to reply
to you directly but I thought you'd appreciate an answer.

I don't think you can do it in VEE, now.  I toyed with parallel polling a
long time ago but it has so many limitations I scrapped the idea.  What's
more, in my whloe career I have not come across anyone else using it.  For
this reason it is now not supported by most instruments and I notice HP-UX
10.2 stopped supporting it as well.  I thought you may be able to do at a
low level using Advanced I/O -> Interface Operations, and you could
certainly set it up with the SEND COMMAND: transaction; I think PPC (
parallel-poll configure ) is decimal 5 and unconfigure is 21 but there is
no way to actually read the data lines once set ( that I know of ).

If you'd like to tell me why you need to parallel poll I might be able to
suggest another way to solve your problem.


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