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Triggering problem on E4417A

Question asked by joshxdr on Nov 11, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2011 by lynchdavidb
I am using E9320 E-Series Power Sensors on an E4417A power meter.  I am using continuous trigger mode with external trigger, and when the external trigger signal is pulsing, I see the power meter updating on both the A channel and B channel as I expect.  When I stop the external trigger signal, the A channel stops updating as expected, but  the B channel continues to update.  It seems that the B channel is continuing to aquire data and update the display, even though it should be waiting for the external trigger.  Does anyone know what is going on?  I cannot see a separate trigger configuration for channel B, there only seems to be one global trigger setting, so I do not understand why the A channel and the B channel are not triggering the same way.