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Problem with 34980A remote control measurement

Question asked by Joshwa on Sep 28, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2011 by lhornburg

I must to do measurement  in remote control by LabVIEW. I have download Drivers for this. I want that at the start of program the DMM start in DMM measurment (That is equivalent to push, in the pannel of 34980A, button DMM under Measurement). What is SCPI command for to do this?

I have create a control pannel where we can configure the measurement type and options, and choise channel. At the start of VI i configure the inizial measurement type for DMM and close the relays 911 and 921. After close the selection channel and later i proceed with command READ?. In this point i have a error. When i send READ? command on monitor of DMM appear the written "ONLY-DMM INIT". Where i wrong?

My intention is not to do one scan at time BUT keep the DMM continuously measuring (as if I had pressed the button DMM under measure on frontel pannel). There is a SCPI command for to do this?

I hope I was clear