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3458A readrate 1/2 what I expect in program?

Question asked by Huff on Sep 20, 2011
I'me very new to working with the 3458A and probably not understanding something simple!  Below is a snippet of code.  The NPLC 10 command should result in readings roughly every .17 seconds (10/60Hz).   The read routine takes roughly twice that long averaging .35 seconds.  I know that AZERO ON would cause that from taking offset readings but I've turned that off.  No matter what value I use for NPLC the read rate equals approximetly 2 * (NPLC/60) seconds.  Any ideas on how to get readings using integration of 10 PLC's at proper read rate of roughly .167 seconds?

.Output "TARM HOLD"
.Output "FUNC 1,.00025"
.Output "MFORMAT 3"
.Output "ARANGE 0"
.Output "NPLC 10"  
.Output "MEM FIFO"
.Output "TRIG AUTO"
.Output "AZERO OFF"
.Output "TARM AUTO"

'**Read routine
.Output "MEM CONT"
.Output "NRDGS 1, AUTO"
.Output "TARM SGL,1"
.Output "RMEM 1,1"
.Enter ReadVal#