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N5182A MXG, slow network + web control

Question asked by avner on Jul 5, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2011 by tabbott
I'm not sure if this is the right spot for this post, but I'm having particular grief with networking, especially the web interface on the N5182A MXG generators.

I have had a couple of MXA analyzers on the exact same LAN segment at various times, and remote desktop to their displays worked beautifully. But with the web interface on the MXG's, it is truly horrible. It takes about 3-5 minutes just to get the main page, and then clicking on the "Web control of instrument" to get the password window to display. And then entering numbers one key at a time once in the display/control page is painful, as every second mouse click generates the red "busy" status which takes a number of seconds to clear.

This is with a few different N5182A's, all with the most recent firmware as of a few months ago (A.01.75), with nothing else talking on that LAN segment. I'm using the latest Firefox 3.6.something, and everything else runs fine (as mentioned, when I had MXA's connected, remote desktop to those worked excellently).

Is there some LAN settings that need to be tweaked either on my computer, or in the instrument? I have it set to fixed IP. There aren't very many settings to play with in the instrument LAN section, so not really sure what to try.

This isn't a life or death issue, just incredibly annoying for remote control purposes :/

Avner Ginsburg