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Release notes N9000A-series: Slow for discrete scan when EMI Average detect

Question asked by joro on Apr 11, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2013 by joro

I have a question related to a remark in the release notes of the X-Series Signal Analyzers. These Release notes for the A.08.03 release contain:

Issues Resolved:
N/W6141A, EMI Measurement Application
  Slow for discrete scan when EMI Average detector is used

The questions I currently have are:
1) What is 'a discrete scan'?
2) Do you have some more information regarding this resolved issue? 
3) How can it be observed that this problem is present? 

The reason for my questions is:
In the past (for an older firmware version) I have detected that Swept Spectrum Analyzer using an 'EMI Average' trace was very slow (at least 1 second for each frequency point step). 
Is the mentoined resolved issue a solution for this problem that I have detected?

Thanks in advance,