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Adding a Port to an Antenna and Moving one antenna relative to another

Question asked by on Mar 14, 2013
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Hello everyone,

I am very new to using EMpro, and I have been using Momentum to do EM sims.  I am trying to run a simulation from ADS Layout export that to EMpro, and I got an scripting error.  I could not load the entire script (see attached) there was an issue with the import.

As a result, I don't know how to add ports to simulate the antenna S-parameters.  I am not familiar with this tool, and it seems hard to just add a simulation port.  Can someone please tell me how to add ports to this test antenna so I look at the S11 parameters for it.  I am interested to know its resonant frequency, and inductance if allows me to enter equations.

Additionally, can EMpro simulate two antennas separated by Air and parametrically move only one of the antenna left to right and top to bottom and up and down?  One antenna would be fixed the other moves relative to the other creating a volume.  The fixed antenna will be excited with 40V peak voltage or perhaps about 200mA, and the other would pick the field and converts it to a current I can measure?

Is this possible in EMPro?  It is possible in other tools, I am just trying to find out the capabilities of EMpro.

Thank you all for your Help