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vrf Question about HP Vee (ActiveX - Opening an existing Exce

Question asked by marob on Apr 11, 2001
On Thursday, April 12, 2001 Rissone Ruggero wrote:


     So, here is my proposal : Is it possible to create two different
lists (one for beginners and one for intermediate/expert users) or ,
probably more simple, using a Subject rule for messages (i.e. [VEE_BGN]
Subject  and [VEE_ADV] Subject) so it's possible to filter messages ?


While there are some advantages to two groups, I would suggest that we stick
to one group.  We all encounter problems that require advice from the
experts, and we all have knowledge to share with novices, even if we are
novices ourselves.

If we have two groups, we must monitor both, and must cross-post messages to
both when asking questions of intermediate difficulty.

And in the end, we will still never know if a question or answer came from a
novice or an expert.  Even with two groups, things will continue as today,
and we will slowly come to recognize the experts from the consistent quality
of their answers.

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