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E4980A LCR Meter

Question asked by motoman89 on Apr 19, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2012 by nian29
We purchased E4980A LCR meter.
When measuring the impedance and phase shift at frequencies from 1 kHz to 180 kHz, there is considerable fluctuation in the performance of certain fixed frequencies. At the same time at other frequencies, the parameters are stable. We do not use averaging and make measurements in real time. We use the automatic range.
Our investigational device has the following characteristics (reliably known):
1. capacity of 22 pF
2. The dc resistance of the order of 10 ^ 13 Ohm
In the measurement of the device:
1. capacity of 22 pF
2. inductance of 200 mH
3. impedance of 100 kOhms to 10 MOhms (decreases with frequency)
4. resistance varies with frequency and becomes less than 0.
Thanks for You information.