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Determination of calibration factors 8482B

Question asked by Rune on Sep 22, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2009 by lynchdavidb

What is the recommended level for testing the 8482B power sensor?

Is the sensor tested with or without the fixed attenuator attacked to the sensor?

If I use an 8482A sensor for reference for this measurement and a level of about 10 dBm into the sensor there is an drift that influence on the calculation of the calibration factors. (I use 2 X 8482A, to channel power meter and  a power splitter in the test setup, i.e the level from my generator is then 6 dB higher)
The sensor itself has an black plastic protection ring that prohibits it from connect on an normal N-connector so it's not that easy to test the sensor alone and measure the attenuation of the attenuator separate, for then compute the calibration factors. What to do?

Tanks for any advice! :D