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E4418B RF Pwr Meter firmware update problem

Question asked by Desertcatfish on Sep 3, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2010 by Desertcatfish
So my "new guys" fried two of my old power sensors... Company purchased Agilent N8481A Pwr Sensors($1200 ea), which should work with our power meter E4418B. I need to update my firmware to latest version for them to work, already upgraded the DSP board ($523), so here is the problem-

Even though the E4418B has an RS-232 (we don't use GPIB at all) connector on back; there is no menu selection to choose it over GPIB, even though the manual says there is. I don't want to spend more on a GPIB PCI board and cable just for a simple firmware update.

Firmware installed is A1.03.00 and I need the latest one A1.09.01

The manual says under menus = System/Input -> Remote Interface -> Select Interface, should let me choose between HPIB or Serial. My E4418B instead of displaying Remote Interface shows HPIB.

Any ideas or help would be appreciated