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Display AM Menu on N5181A?

Question asked by Don_Borowski on Jun 2, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2011 by tabbott
I have an Agilent N5181A with the analog modulation option. As good practice my tests begin with 'Instrument Preset'. This puts the display into its default frequency/amplitude display mode. When amplitude modulation is enabled, this is indicated on the display, but there is no indication of % depth, source, audio waveform/frequency, etc. If I pause my test, hit the 'Local' button, and then hit the 'AM' key, the AM menu with all the desired details appears below the frequency/amplitude display and persists when I continue the test (with it further commands of frequency and amplitude). Is there a way to display the AM menu in the native language of the N5181A? It appears I might be able to do this if I command the N5181A to emulate one of number of other signal generators, but I have not had the time (yet) to play around with this. I would then need to switch back to the native language of the N5181A to continue the test. Would the AM menu persist? My alternative is to stay in emulation mode and change to the appropriate driver in my test program for the emulated signal generator.