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Square Wave AM Modulation on N5182A

Question asked by joro on May 6, 2011
Latest reply on May 10, 2011 by joro

We are controlling an Agilent N5182A signal generator, by using the Agilent IVI drivers.
The firmware inside the N5182A is version A.01.70.

We are investigating an issue regarding the Sine-wave or square-wave AM modulation. The Agilent IVI drivers do allow that the LF signal source is set to Square mode, however the generated modulation waveform is still sine-wave. The device does show 'square' on it's front panel, so the signal generator does think that the LF source is in square-mode.
The SCPI command that is used to set the LF signal source to square-wave is: ":AM:INT1:FUNC:SHAP SQU". Also when this SCPI command is manually transmitted over the GPIB-bus, the signal source is changed to Square mode. Requesting the selected waveform shape also returns "SQU".
Setting 'TRI' (for Triangular) as the modulation waveform is always generating a system error.

In the specifications and the programming manual of the N5182A, it is specified that the only supported waveform shape is sine.
However it seems that the N5182A is also accepting Square waveform modulation. But it is never generating a square waveform. Is this a problem in the internal firmware of the N5182A?