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Digital In Circuit failure issue in HP3070

Question asked by davidlim on Oct 7, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2012 by Jon_oc

Recently I have met a problem with HP3070 during board under test. 
Please  refer attached of digital/u27 failure during ICT test. The board able to PASS while testing at other HP3070 tester. 
Diagnostics also showed passed in module 2 and 3. 

Action taken: 
Since the failure indicates that BRRCC node 220125 where located at module 3 slot 8. Therefore, I swap pin card in module 3 slot 8 with other slot still unable to pass.
Thus, above case indicates that board able to PASS by using other HP3070 tester within same test program been used, and diagnostics result showed pass 
between module 2 and module 3. 
Please advise and I really appreciate it.

David Lim