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How to install/remove option 008 signal ID and option 007 856xE series

Question asked by yngvae2 on Apr 1, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2013 by MikeM
hi everyone,  I have the hardware opt 8 a15 board , I used this board to fix an 8563e that had a bad a15 board. and I want to add the option capability to the unit's rom , how do I program it so it accepts it, shows it ,  and puts the menu function on the ext mixer control key so I can use it? Its not showing up so far. 

also How would I install or remove the option 7 in the firmware as well? because Once I had a unit that had an error code that says cant find option 007. it was supposed to have it. apparently someone removed it and it was having an issue since it didnt detect it. so I would need to know how to delete it from the rom chip programming. also does anyone know how to delete the hours on the rom chip? sometimes I swap rom chips and I dont want to have to copy the contents because of troubleshooting practices, and I need to be able to change the serial and hours inside the rom. is there a way to do this other than take the rom and put it in a rom reader and then change the ascii codes?

this should apply for 8563e 8561e 8560e and 8562e