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S-Parameter Analyses

Question asked by cavecanem on Oct 16, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2013 by nacim
I am currently trying GoldenGate as simulator for my s-parameter Analyses.
My simple test schematic consits of the following three elements: PORT||R||C.
With spectre I get the exact values of R and C out of this setup. 
But when I am trying to setup a SP Analyses with GoldenGate I get three Errors: “Error: SP: No S-port defined. '119. 72' ”
“Error: Cannot create GoldenGate database blk file (/path…) '128. 704'
“Error executing GoldenGate. '130. 4'”

This is correct because I have not seen an option to define an S-Port. 
Does anybody know where/how to set the S-Port or what I have to do to get my simulation running.
Can i perform a GoldenGate SP Analyses with the analoglib Port module?

Other Analyses like TR and DC work. 

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