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Where's the TDR tool on an N9923A with option 010 fitted?

Question asked by drkirkby on Oct 11, 2012
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I've got an N9923A which has all options, so includes 010 (time domain analysis) and 305 (Cable and Antenna Analyzer). 

The paper manual which came with my N9923A does not mention the TDR option at all, although a later PDF I found on the web does, and explains how to use it. It says:

*How to make settings on the Transform settings table* 

** Press Meas Setup 4.*
** Then Transform*
** Then Transform Settings.*
** Press Next Page and Previous Page to view all settings.*

The problem is, if I press key 4, there is no "Transform" menu. There is only 

* Settings
* Calibration
* Output power
* Port extensions

so I can't see how to use the TDR. Looking on the System/Licensing section, it shows 010 is installed, so this functionality should be available. (There is some time-domain analysis as part of CAT option, but that is not the full TDR functionality.)

One possible reason I don't have the TDR, is the fact I have downgraded the firmware from  A.06.02 to A5.51, as the  A.06.02 does not work with Data Link. I've got no way to test if the downgrade is the cause, since the instrument did not make a backup of the A.06.02 when I downgraded, and A06.02 has been pulled from the Agilent web site. So I can't upgrade it to the version shipped. 

Any ideas? 


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