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E4416A power meter - sensor calfac. tables

Question asked by RAVONCAPD on Nov 1, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2011 by RayH
We have an Agilent E4416A power meter with firmware version A1.04.08. While I know the power meter is supposed to load the sensor's cal. fac. table automatically when I connected a 8482A sensor it did not seem to do so, the 8482A cal fac table in the power meters memory did not match the one on the sensor and the default table has only a ref. cal of 100%. This remains the same after preset and after preforming zero+cal.

Channel setup after preset is:
Sensor Mode: AVG only(greyed out)
Range: AUTO(greyed out)
Filter: Auto
Duty Cycle: Off
Offset: Off
Cal Fac: 100.0%
CF Table: Off
FDO Table: Off
Video Avg: Off (greyed out)
Video B/W: Off(greyed out)
Step Detect: On

What are the settings supposed to be for the power sensor and how large an error would a wrong cal. fac. generate?  Also how can I check if the power meter did in fact recieve the sensor's cal fac. table correctly?