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34401A DCV burden

Question asked by sidney.higuchi on Jan 27, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2012 by tomc
I was using a 34401A s/n SG41019123 to perform an adjustment and encountered an interesting problem.  I was adjusting a DC voltage at a testpoint for .9800V +/-.0005V.  The 34401A read .97910V. Since reading the Agilent DVM forum, I've started to double check the 34401A measurments.  Before adjusting the voltage, I used a 3458A to measure the DCV and it read .980071V. I changed the 34401A imp to >10G and the readings changed to .98009V.
   I had a Fluke 5700A handy, so I connected .9800VDC to the 3458A and it displayed .9799995V; the 34401A@10Mohm read .98002V; 34401A@>10G read .98002V.  Is there an unreported burden affecting the 34401A readings??
   Does Agilent Tech Support or product engineers look at this forum and respond to these entries too?