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FIFO buffer data order

Question asked by golfnut on Mar 7, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2013 by golfnut
Does anyone have the full data order for the FIFO buffer on a two port PNA-X?  The help file doesn't discuss S-parameters nor R1 and R2.  For example, the user is left to guess which is stored first in the FIFO buffer: R1/R2 or R2/R1.  (My own quick look into the matter seems to indicate the R2/R1 comes first.)  Moreover, which would come first A/R1 or A/R2?  Fully documenting this would be very helpful.


---from the help---
+When more than one measurement is present, data from each measurement is stored in the FIFO buffer in the following order. These measurements are separated into lines for easier reading.+

+R, A, B, C, D,+
+R/R, A/R, B/R, C/R, D/R,+
+R/A, A/A, B/A, C/A, D/A,+
+R/B, A/B, B/B, C/B, D/B,+
+R/C, A/C, B/C, C/C, D/C,+
+R/D, A/D, B/D, C/D, D/D+