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Sweep measurement with 81940A TLS and external detector with Labview

Question asked by kw on Apr 1, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2012 by mkelly
Hi all,
i would like to automatise a sweep measurement with the 81940A TLS (inside 8163B) and an external detector. I got the sweep function already working in Labview but now I have to include the external detector. 
Can I somehow use the logging function like with a internal powermeter as reported in this forum? Ideally, I would like the 81940A/8163B to give out a trigger at each wavelength step (while sweeping) that then triggers a DAQ box connected to the detector. Or, can I even connect the detector somehow directly to the 81940A/8163B via BNC and "imitate" an internal powermeter?

Did someone already tried this method? If someone knows how to do this, can I ask for a posting of a list of the process flow using the labview functions, please. This would be of great help. How would the the trigger mechanism look like?

I have also discovered a problem while sweeping the TLS via the labview command Sweep. While the sweep is in progress, the labview program freezes and it only responds again once the sweep is finished. Is this problem already known?

Help is great appreciated.

All the best