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Problem with ESG-DP Service Support Software

Question asked by swperk on Jun 23, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2011 by swperk
I am trying to do a performance verification and possibly a calibration of an E4436B (ESG-DP) signal generator. I am using the Agilent Service Support Software (Version B.07.00, ESG_APDP Version B6.3) on a Windows XP laptop with an 82357A USB-GPIB interface to the ESG. According to the instructions supplied with the service software, this is a valid setup. Although the Agilent IO Lib drivers can see the ESG and communicate with it just fine, the service software seems to be having a problem with its SICL libraries. The service software gives me the following error message when I invoke any test and try to run it:

#207 EQUIPMENT ERROR: Model: E4436B, Serial Number US3926xxxx, Driver: C:\HP_SVC\DRIVERS\DRV4400B.dll. SICL libraries could not be initialized. Verify HPIB addresses and connections, and if the problem persists, reboot your system.

I chose to run the performance test of the Fractional N Board since it required no other equipment. I have verified all of the connections and addresses, and I have rebooted the laptop several times. I have removed and reinstalled the Agilent IO Libs, even downgrading it from the latest version (16.1) to the version that came with the 82357A interface (M01.01). I have reinstalled the Service Support Software. Nothing seems to help, and I can't see anything obviously wrong with either my hardware setup or my software installation.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to get this sorted out?