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EXA & LISN earth loop issue

Question asked by NCCU1990 on Apr 8, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2013 by tabbott
Dear Sir,

I decided to rebuild my LISN (Line Impedance Stabililsing Network) for EMC testing.
I then wondered just what was the best way to connect the Spectrum analyzer.

There is an mains earth connection on the EXA which connects to the case
at the back, and the N connector connects to the case at the front.
There is thus an earth loop from the N connector to the LISN and from the mains to the LISN.

The earth loop formed by the EXA earth connection, the LISN's earth connection,
and the loop which is completed by the screen of the coax joining the measurement terminal of the LISN to the input of the EXA.

What is recommended?
Would a ferrite clamp on the mains lead to the analyzer add enough impedance?

Attachment file is EXA & LISN earth loop connection.

Thomas Lee