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Question asked by SOLT_guy on Oct 13, 2012
Dear Sir:

      I am new to digital test methods and digital test equipment.

     I have observed bus types and protocols come and go over the years and I don't want to purchase a test instrument or a test system that will become obsolete in a few years.

      I am looking for a versatile solution to this problem.  I want to purchase a digital test instrument that will be able to send arbitrary data and control signals over a relatively arbitrary number of outputs (user selected output pins).    This part of the digital test instrument transmits the signal.   For example, If I want to send a custom programmed,  SCI bus signal (4 wire (both control and data signals)), or some other arbitrary, application specific 3 wire signal, I can accomplish this through a software development environment - do you have anything available that can fulfill this need?  I also have a preference in that I would like the unit to send USB control and data signals (LVDS).    Is there anything versatile which can accomplish all, or some, of these tasks on the market?  (  I realize that I am referring to completely different communication methods that will have completely different communication hardware, protocol requirements, etc.   I guess, the question I am posing to you, is do you have anything this versatile, or am I asking too much?)

        On the receiver end, the other part of the analyzer, I want to be able to capture all the parallel, or serial,  ones and zeros, and, possible, even interpret the code for me.    

      Basically, I want a digital test instrument that can, both, send and receive, data and control signals which I program.  

      Does Agilent currrently sell any digital test instrument of this type?  Is there anything on the market which can come close to what I am asking for?

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