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Did you know this about Fixturing?

Question asked by adrianc Employee on Apr 8, 2012
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_*Crosstalk from fixture wires*_
Did you know that how you layout the wires in the fixture is very important?
In order to reduce cross talk between wires in a fixture, ideally you should run the wires perpendicular to each other. 

Fixture wires running in a bunch, parallel to each other, may look neat and pleasing to the eye, but it is devastating for signal quality. This is because signals running on one wire is inductively coupled to the next parallel wire. The more surface area that the two wires are in parallel, the stronger the coupling, the stronger the coupling, the more likely the signal from one wire can affect the other, this manifests as noise on the other wire.

To minimize crosstalk interference, the wires in the fixture should not be bundled together and should be wired directly from one Pin to another in the shortest path so that the wires intersect each other instead of run in parallel. This reduces the surface area of the wires that are in parallel and thus reduces the effect of crosstalk. 

It is actually easier to wire from pin to pin. This small step could help you reduce lots of time debugging a noisy intermittent test. Try it.