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U1233A problem

Question asked by saltech on Jan 5, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2012 by saltech
I have just purchased a U1233A multimeter, I installed the batteries which were included in the box and I turned it on.

After a few minutes I discovered two major problems!

1. In the resistance measurement, the value that is displayed is incorrect. The value is always changing randomly from zero to a few megohms and most of the time the minus sign in on too. When I short circuit the probes the value that is displayed is -0.2 Ohm. When I try to measure a resistor (any value) the displayed value is between -0.2 to -0.4 ohms. What is going on?

2. The Vsense even in the low sensitivity is beeping almost on every move of the multimeter making that feature practically useless.

Obviously, something really wrong is going on either is hardware or software failure. Any suggestions? What should I do?