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E4440A meas uncal error

Question asked by miyamky on Aug 16, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2012 by miyamky
So if I happen to have a low RBW (from a previous measurement) and I (for my next measurement) set the START/STOP frequencies (w/ a large enough span), I get meas uncal show up in the System:Show Errors page.  It does not show up in ERR? queue.  My users get uncomfortable when they look at the error message queue and see errors in there.  I can't programatically clear the display (at least according to the HELP button).  Is there a way I can force the analyzer the clear the display since I know this is an expected condition?

Yes, I "could" (so that the meas uncal state doesn't happen) set the RBW for my next measurement prior to the START/STOP frequencies but that wouldn't handle the case where my previous measurement (or the preset) has a large span and my next measurement needs a low RBW.