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Would current Agilent foam pad 85054-80 fit this 85054B N calibration kit?

Question asked by drkirkby on Mar 7, 2013
I want to buy an 85054 18 GHz N cal kit. I can't possiblly afford to buy a new one from Agilent. At this moment I do not have a company set up, so all purchases are from my own bank account, which does not stretch to buying such an expensive calibration kit from Agilent. 

I have been offered a used 85054B. But at no great surprise, the foam is breaking up! This appears to be an old version of the 85054B, as it has low-band loads not broadband loads. 

I's like to know if I purchased the bottom foam section from Agilent (P/N 85054-80023) and the top foam section (Agilent 5181-5543) whether the components from this kit would fit. 

I'm reluctantant to ask Agilent UK, as the information I got from them about the foam for the 85053B cal kit was less than helpful.