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Communicating with 34405A DVM problem

Question asked by bgengine on Oct 12, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2012 by bgengine
Hi, I'm new to this ..
I have an Xp sp3 machine with 34405A connected ( through USB) 

I've download and installed the following .. ( not sure if I needed them all )


I'm using the "example3" in the driver_ivicom_ivic_Agilent34405_1_0_4_0.msi package ...
I used the IOLibSuite to get the device address and inserted in the code ( shown below)

           driver34405.Initialize("USB0::0x0957::0x0618::tw47180058::0::INSTR", False, True, standardInitOptions)

it runs with no errors and give the following output screen  - but in actual fact the DVM dosn't appear to do a self test - it's as if it is actually doing a simulation test  ????

----------Example 3----------
Doing Self Test Now...
Self-test status: Selftest passed
Instrument Description: IVI driver for the Agilent 34405 digital multimeter.
Instrument Vendor: Agilent Technologies
Instrument Firmware Revision: Sim1.0.4.0
Instrument serial Number: 12345
The SCPI Version of Instrument: 1994.0
Instrument's calibration string: TEST
The DCV reading is: 0 Volt
Done - Press Enter to Exit

Likewise for "example1" the software appears to run ok but it reports zero DC Volts even though I have 9 volt DC source connected  ... again it's as if it is a simulated test ..

am I doing something wrong ?