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vrf createObject and license

Question asked by g.nied on Mar 8, 2001
Hi Ed,
      I saw you had no reply to this so, for what it's worth, here is my
opinion: it is giog to be difficult.  I think you are right that the PCL
commands need to be in the same 'print session' set up by the Windows print
manager as the VEE print screen.  This will mean either tapping into the
print manager or spooler or similar malarky.  If you just wnat to set the
printer settings programmatically there was a very useful tip on the user
group recently.  If I were going to try to do send PCL commands I would (a)
print to file (b) prefix the file with the extra PCL commands and then (c)
request the print manager to send the file to the printer in RAW format.


Mike Watts
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