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S.A. 8565A cal output 100 Mhz problem (last calibration date= 28 feb 2012)

Question asked by manutea on Feb 22, 2013
Hello there,

my problem is : bridging the 100Mhz internal calibration signal to its RF input
shows this signal at 40Mhz on the CRT and frequency display.

-I checked the 100Mhz output with an external frequencymeter and it shows : 99.9999 Mhz =

-even using the small screwdriver for  frequency cal adjustment on the panel to the right of the frequency
display does not help

-now injecting a 100 Mhz signal with an exterior RF generator show the same
signal... at 40Mhz, even the FM stereo spectrum band moved ~40Mhz down.

all other function seems to be OK, i have been following the basics
tests procedures following the HP manual without success.

Any clue ??

Thank you