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Serial 8b/10b decoding and PLL with burst streams

Question asked by syoma on Jul 13, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2012 by algoss
Hello everybody,
We are now going in purchase of one of 9000 or 90000 Oscilloscopes, and I wolud like to ask communicaty about High speed serial decoding feature in this oscilloscopes N5384A or E2688. 
Our problem is that we would like to use this feature to investigate our burst mode transfer over fiber optic.
Our link has the speed is 640mbit, and the problem is that frames are coming in bursts. E.g. there are long idle times on line, without any edge transition. To recover the clock, the burst has 140 0-1 transitions and then specific align character. Afterwards all data is 8b/10b coded. the frame is up to 20bytes in size 
So my question is - is it possible to trigger on such stream and decode it with High speed software? I read in datasheet, that " When you choose PLL clock recovery, the clock recovery algorithm requires some time at the start of each record to lock to the data. This interval cannot be viewed or analyzed". I actually would like to see my 140 transitions in front of the stream on the screen. Is that possible? 
Another question - if I know my frequency and choose constant-frequency CDR, will Oscilloscope be able to synchronize from first several edges and search for alignment character?
I know that my description is a little bit confusing, so I'm ready for specific questions.

Thank you.