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L4445A with National Instruments Switch Executive

Question asked by leonab on Feb 8, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2013 by lhornburg

I am trying to get the L4445A Switch driver to work in the National Instruments Switch Executive and cannot see the channels on the Y1151A modules I have plugged in.  I installed all the ivi drivers via ... id=1667733

I use Measurement and Automation Explorer and could see my L4454A under the devices.  Note I am using LXI.  I then went to the IVI section and setup a driver session.  In the general tab under driver setup I entered dmm = false, slot1=L4445.  For the hardware tab, I setup the L4445A as a hardware asset.  I then created a Logical name that used this driver session and then created a NI Switch Virtual Device that used this IVI switch.  When the window opens, the only channels I see are abus1 through abus4.  I do not see all the individual channels to my switches such as 1101.  I am trying to control SP6T RF switches as well as SPDT RF switches. 

I tried dmm=false, slot1=Y1151A, dmm=false, slot1=L4445A and several other things in the driver setup and either no channels appear in the switch executive virtual device or I only see the abus channels.  Any idea what I am doing wrong or will the L4445 not work in switch executive?