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amplitude ramp

Question asked by Sloppy on Nov 22, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2011 by tabbott
I'm substituting a new E8257D in place of an 83600 series synth for a gain compression test.

With the 83600 series I can set up a CW freq amplitude ramp sweep, say 10 db per sweep, and then adjust the overall amplitude of the ramp with the RF ampl adjustment. When i do this on the 83600 series the whole ramp moves up and down in amplitude.

I don't seem able to do this with the E8257D. When i set up the ramp and then try to adjust the overall amplitude of the ramp the ramp is turned off.

Is it possible to run the amplitude ramp up and down in absolulte power while its still ramping like I can with the 83600 series, and if so, how?  i don't want to change the ramp, just the entire amplitude of the ramp linearly.