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LTE Uplink Reference Channels using N7624B

Question asked by novajeeper on Oct 12, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2010 by tabbott
I have a Signal Studio N7624B (LTE FDD) and am using this with a 4438C Sig Gen to measure FDD LTE uplink and downlink signals.  When testing LTE, the conformance documents state that UL reference channels (FRC) and DL test models (E-TM) are required for proper testing. 

I notice that on Basic LTE DL signal creation, Signal Studio has a test model wizard that will allow me to select the appropriate bandwidths as well as the test model that is need for a particular test.  However, when creating a Basic UL signal, there is no wizard or even mention of the reference channels.  I do notice that if you create an Advanced LTE UL signal, you do have an option work with a wizard to provide reference channels, unfortunately I don't want LTE Advanced (this hasn't even been finalized by 3GPP yet...).

Does anyone know how I might go about creating the UL reference channels as stated in standards doc 36.521 Table A. for UL repeater testing?

Thanks for any info!