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Help a beginner with some commands and connections?

Question asked by megamor on Sep 17, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2012 by changmeikuan
Hello! I just started using Agilent VEE 9.2 and need some help with a program I need to make. I was not sure where to put this thread so I guessed my way to VEE Software Forums. 

In this program I need to store all commands for several instruments into one specific "command" or "box". Then I have to come up with my own commands to this box which should make it possible to write commands to every insturments with only my command. 

For example: If one instrument requires "FREQ:CENT ", 100, "MHZ" as a command and the other one "FREQ:C ", 100, "MHZ", I have to store these commands into one box which will make it possible with my own command "FREQ:CEN ", 100, "MHZ" to speak to every instrument. 

I am not looking for the entire solution! Only some explanations for how I could make this possible. For example what items I should use or how the program should be built up! 

I am very new to VEE so I am having a hard time with Agilent language at the moment. If you need more explanasion for this task I will be very glad to try to explain some more! Be sure to try to explain as clear as possible! I want to learn, not cheat. Thanks :)