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Can I get F/W upgrade for N9020A (MXA) prior to A.10.05 ? This one failed.

Question asked by SteveReeves on Apr 3, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2012 by tabbott

I recently attempted a firmware upgrade on a problem N9020A (F/W ver. A.01.44). Following the instructions, I had some difficulties the first time (kept getting a C: drive full) and other errors. So I went back to the re-store image (after I had uninstalled the XSA app and applied the SP3 and then did the new F/W, ver A.10.05). I cleaned up the hard drive first and gained about 4 GB. All seemed to go fine until the last re-boot. When the updated MXA app loaded, the unit did a Align Now and detected a failure. Immediately afterward an SNS (Smart Noise Source) communication failure was detected. The error said to disconnect and re-connect the SNS.  This unit has no SNS - and nothing was connected to the rear panel. OK fixed one problem and found two more with this " *upgrade* ".

Contacted the Service Center who in turn called the factory. Appears to be a F/W bug - I'll need to wait until new version comes out. I would like to try a lower version to see if that fixes these problems. The Agilent download page only shows the current , latest version. How can I get to the other versions?

Note: The original problem was after a state recall, pressing the "marker" key caused the MXA app to shut down. Another unit with the same problem was returned to Agilent for repair - no problem was found but they upgraded the F/W and the problem went away.