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two groups?

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 11, 2001

Hello all,

here are some of my thoughts on this subject :

1.   I am completely opposed to fragmenting this group.  Over several years
as a subscriber and infrequent poster to this group I have been impressed
beyond words at the overall level of professionalism and civility of the
discourse, as well as the technical expertise displayed.  I wish to see this
tradition continued.

2.   It is only against this extraordinary background that the remarks which

started this discussion could be considered a "flame" by contemporary
standards elsewhere on the net.

3.   None of us were born with godlike programming skills;  we were all
"newbies" at one time, and were probably shown tolerance and given
assistance by persons who knew more than us.  In turn, we should
extend this to others.

4.   Personally, I consider the very word "newbie" to be in the same
category as another word that begins with "n" ; it seems to partake of
the  'us Vs. them' mindset, and I dislike seeing it used.
We are all Vee programmers here, of varying skill levels.  What should
anyone have to feel bad about?

I will cut this short before I start ranting & repeating myself ...I too
a job I should attend to

Thanks to all of you out there,


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