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E3640A problem reading current over RS232

Question asked by humor on Apr 11, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2010 by humor
I'm using the sample code "Diode Test" provided for E3631A. I'm able to send commands to the E3640A successfully. However, on inquires, for example "Meas:Curr?" I get a VI_ERROR_TMO (80040015). Please help!
Below is partial code:
With Pwr
        .WriteString "Syst:Rem"
        .WriteString "*RST"                               ' Reset the power supply
        .WriteString "*CLS"                               ' Clear any error messages
        .WriteString "Curr " & Str$(Range("E2").Value)                              ' Set current MaX To 1amp
        For i = 5 To 15
            reply = Cells(i, 1)
            .WriteString "Volt " & Str$(Cells(i, 1))
            .WriteString "Output on"                      ' Turn on the output
            Pwr.WriteString "Meas:Curr?"
            delay (0.5)
            reply = .readstring
            .WriteString "Output off"                     ' Turn off power supply