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Quartz Crystals Impedance Measurements: which approach is best??

Question asked by antonioguerrieri on Mar 14, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2013 by Mori
Hi all,
i'm currently studying the impedance behavior of some gold (or platinum) plated quartz crystals which frequency ranges from 5 to 10 MHz.
In the past i used for this purpose an old HP 4192A but data acquisition was a lot complicated and the acquisition time for each scan was too low for my purposes.

Accordingly, I have recently purchased an E5061B Network Analyzer with the following option (apart the hard disk): a) E5061B-3L5 LF-RF network analyzer with DC bias source, -1E5 high stability timebase and -005 impedance analysis.

Till now i'm using the gain-phase serie-thru approach to measure the impedance of this DUT but i'm unsure is the best approach.
Indeed, there are other like the S1 series series-thru or reflection as well as the shunt-thru ones?

Can someone recommend the best approach for my DUT?

Thank so much in advance.