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1650A Analyzer / 10449A Upgrade details

Question asked by sourkraut on Mar 6, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2013 by mkawasaki
Two old 1650A analyzers were donated to our school.  HP offered an upgrade, as model 10449A, as summarized in the catalog, expands the memory and replaces the firmware of the machine.  This allows the machine to run the 1650B application, which adds a state waveform display, which my students (13-18 years old) will appreciate if available.  We tried to do the upgrade on our own, and now want to ask if the procedure or documentation is out there somewhere.

I think there may be additional rework, such as cutting traces or adding wires, to the upgrade procedure and I'm not sure that we can guess what they are.  Is it even possible that there is a special rom set for the upgraded 1650A, and the firmware copied from a real 1650B won't work?  Does someone have the 10449A documentation in their old paperwork?  I will be grateful to anyone who can share it.