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Error 706, Cannot read Data set

Question asked by veryconfused on Jul 9, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2012 by veryconfused

I have problem reading from a Data set. It is Error 706
The program that I am running performance many measurements and store the measurments in a record and saves the record in to a data set file TemperatureXX.rtf. The program creates one of these “data set”-files for each temperature measurement I choose to do.
When all measurements are done the temperature data sets are read and the program builds one record and saves this record in to a final data set. 

The problem I have is that sometimes the program cannot read one(or several) of the temperature data sets, it varies which data set that are the problem one, sometimes it can be the first created other times one in the middle or the last one. The program returns an empty datasets which after a junction becomes a "nil". This causes the program to skip the creation of the big data set.

The temperature data set file, which cannot be read in Vee, can be open with WordPad and I cannot see any difference between the file which cannot be read and the files which can be read.

I have tried to open the file in WordPAb and save it with a new name without any luck.

I am using Vee 9.2.13522.0 (Mar 22, 2010) on windows 7

1 Have any one else the same problem?
2 Are the any characters/signs which are forbidden to use in a data set.
3 Is there any why to detect that the data set is corrupt when it is written? And then try to re-write the data set?
4 Is there a maximum length of the data set that is allowed?

If more information is need please let me know.