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Power Supply Overload in 8564E

Question asked by peterhh on Jun 27, 2012
Hi, I have an old HP8564E with a power supply that goes on, off, on, off periodically, probably due to overload-protection. I have not tested the power supply unloaded which I think is the next step to do for separating internal overload in the power supply from other potential failures in the instrument. Are there any problems associated with testing the power supply disconnected from the instrument, some minimum current load at any output voltage etc? I found schematics for at least one 8563E power supply and have it downloaded. What is the difference, if any, between the power supplies in 8563/8564?
Does anyone out there have experience in troubleshooting these types of power supplies? Which type of errors is most likely? Dried-out caps, bad solderings or dead transistors/diodes ? Any ideas would be appreciated.

Regards, Peter