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vrf Remote display

Question asked by rsb on Mar 30, 2001
> Hi!
> I like to measure a voltage and display the value wireless 200 meter away on
> a handheld battery operated receiver with display.
> DUT -> measure -> transmitter ->-> 200 meter wireless ->-> receiver -
> Do anyone know a solution for a setup like this?
> Thanks in advance.

Don't know about Norway but WLAN (wireless LAN) equipment is
readily available here so around here this would be a case
of wandering down to the local COMP USA or Fry's or whatnot.

Or, more simply, use any cell phone with internal capability
and publish your test results on a web server- then just browse
to the resultant web page with your cell phone.

This would have advantage or more-or-less unlimited range and would
take no special equipment.

Requires measurement system to be connected to net of course.

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