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One question about E5072A ENA series in filter(passive) IP3 measurement

Question asked by wangyiliu99 on Mar 28, 2013
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Hi, all

I have read about the application note "Innovative passive intermodulation (PIM) and S-parameter measurement solution with the ENA" (5991-0332EN), in which the example of duplexer intermodulation measurement is shown. 
I have also seen similar IMD measurements of power amplifiers with network analyzer.

My questions are
(1) Whether this can be used for the passive filter IP3 measurement? (My impression is yes, as the network analyzer receiver is used for the measuring of both two tone main signals, as well as two IMD signals, the receiver operating on four bands). 

(2) How long would it take for one point measurement? From spectrum analyzer board, I got the advice from Dr_joel, the latest PNA-X could easily measure and sweep out IIP3 vs Power, Frequency or Tone spacing, with measurement speeds upwards of 200 points a second or faster. However, my budget is not enough for the PNA-X model. 

(3) If I would like to have the measurement realizing 1sec per point (for high-volume test), do you have any recommendations on the Aglient network analyzer models? (cheap ones are preferred, as the budget is limited.)

Thank you very much!


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