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One-Port Measurement using VNA for MEMS resonators

Question asked by jyeoh on Mar 13, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2013 by daras
Hello everyone,

We are working on a project that require us to characterize a MEMS resonator using a three point probe connected to the VNA (I'm not exactly sure what model it is, but the frequency that it generates is from 10 MHz ~ 100 GHz). Usually, this suppose to be a two port measurement, one probe is for the generation and another probe for collecting the signal. However, our resonator has only three contact pads (where it will only fit one of the probes). Hence, we are forced to do a one port measurement.

So my question is, is the VHA capable of measuring only the reflection (S11 parameter) using only one probe (without the receiver)? If yes, how should we do it? We are only interested in finding the resonant frequency and the bandwidth of the resonator. Attached is the approximate top view of the resonator.

Thanks for reading.