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How to implement 2-FSK by I-Q modulation on E4438C?

Question asked by newmsg on Feb 21, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2013 by tabbott
Hello heroes,
    My company bought E4438C a few days ago, and my boss asked me to implement 2-FSK by I-Q modulation on E4438C, to measure RF Receiver's sensitivity.
    After 3-day's work, I figure out how to config 2-FSK, freq deviation, symbol rate, TX filter, etc...
    But I need let E4438C send one specific packet--it consists of 
    4 preamable bytes
    2 sync words
    32 bytes payload
    2 bytes crc
    I found I need config data to I and Q respectively to generate the specific packet, but how? 
    I tried to search many datasheets, but I got nothing  I cared about.
    Any hero would help me? Or any tip to any document I need to be read?
    Any help would be great appreciated.
    Thank you all, heroes!

    I need your help!!!